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procedural   rhizome

Procedural Rhizome 2018
Matheus da Rocha Montanari and Nilton Dondé

The installation consists of an arrangement of lines suspending an embroidered fabric, and three photographic series.

The work revisits the concept of rhizome by Deleuze and Guattari.

"An agency is precisely this growth of dimensions in a multiplicity that necessarily changes nature as it increases its connections There are no points or positions in a rhizome as it is in a structure, a tree, a root There are only lines"
Deleuze & Guattari, A thousand Plateaus I

This installation was conceived as the union point of the works developed in the group called Poetic Creations, which for 3 months met to discuss and produce art. The installation is formed by words that summarize art for each of the participants, embroidered in a single plane: the fabric. From it, multiple lines and connections spread, linked to an image composition made from the digitization of part of the bodies of the group members overlapping with selected frames of videos of those bodies working on their pieces of art.

Along with that, there are also two more photographic series of the artists with their bodies involved in the creation process.

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