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Making Violence Visible

Multimedia Anthropology Lab. (UCL - MAL) + Kunangue Aty Guasu + IDAC

Supported by UCL Grand Challenges Special Initiatives Fund

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Kunangue Aty Guasu,

Jaqueline Gonçalves,

Raffaela Fryer-Moreira,

Fabiana Assis Fernandes,

Camilla Rossi

This project aims to create an interactive map showing the incidence and geographical distribution of violence against women in the Guarani and Kaiowá indigenous communities in Brazil. This partnership with the Guarani and Kaiowá indigenous communities seeks to support indigenous women’s strategies to combat gender inequalities by providing a digital infrastructure that allows for the monitoring and visibility of gender-based violence.

By making this violence visible, the project aims to support community-led efforts to monitor gender-based violence by supporting local data analysis and the development of effective mitigation measures to combat gender inequalities and violence. In addition, the project also provides technical training for Council members, enabling them to use and update the platform themselves.

     By making visible the scale and spread of violence against women-and consequently facilitating strategies to increase social justice-the digital platform and the technical training this partnership provides will also help strengthen the community to respond to other challenges.

    The community has identified and created specific classifications of violence on the digital map. It features audiovisual accounts narrated by women from different parts of the world, who add and lend their voices, in solidarity, to the constantly silenced bodies of indigenous women.

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