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Mnemonic Body

Interactive Installation - 2018. Matheus Montanari

The installation consists of memorabilia and audio interviews about them. Through a heart rate sensor that measures the emotional response of the interactor’s body, the Mnemonic Body reacts differently with audio and light to each visitor. The audio is composed of a mixture of two tracks: the first one is a constant reproduction of the stories related to the objects, the second one is a copy of the first, but at each interaction, the visitor’s heart frequency alters the audio sound frequency, creating a dialogue between the Mnemonic Body, the interactor’s body and the memories present in it.

During one year, the artist collected and interviewed several volunteers who kept objects for their affective value and which were strongly linked to a specific memory. 
   The installation is composed of this material and a three-dimensional wave-shaped luminous object connected to a heart rate sensor.  Upon arriving at the installation, the visitor places their hand on the hand of the Mnemonic Body, where the sensor is located. Based on the visitor’s emotional response, measured by the heart rate, the installation responds with changes in the luminous object and the audio. The visitor’s heart rate permanently alters one of the audio tracks, thus maintaining a specific kind of register, which creates the Mnemonic Body’s own voice.

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