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Political - Private:

an audio call

Political - Private: an audio call 2017
Audio 5'06''
Matheus da Rocha Montanari

Language: Portuguese

The work is composed of a collage of audios that mix Presidential conversations leaked online by investigators and personal whatsapp audio messages.

Political - Private: an audio callMatheus Montanari

Which are the political spaces and the private spaces? In a complex contemporary crisis, Brazilian society begins to question the role of the politician, its limits, and its areas of intersection with private life. Political and private: an audio call arises from this questioning. 


Using the digital medium, the work explores the media and how private investigation contents are disseminated and spread. Which conversations are of interest to be disclosed?

Privacy and secrecy in the digital environment are supposedly protected by encryption, however, large companies sell data and information from their users, every free service offered is profiting from its users and all the material they generate online. Is it possible to make cyberspace a more transparent political space?

Political and private spaces take on other dimensions: social-political hopelessness, digitalism, existentialism, chaos of questioning dissolved in sound frequencies, in a clipping that seeks meaning.

Exhibition: Galeria de arte do DMAE -Porto Alegre. Oct 2017

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