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Lineage 2016-2017
Photography and thread
Matheus da Rocha Montanari

Not every family shares the same blood. We create our own bonds, we sew a lineage that is not of blood, but it vibrates red and reminds us that a line is not only a division, it is also the union of several points that were previously loose in space.

"Lineage" is a photographic series that mixes techniques of analog photography, digital photography and sewing. The 5-month period photos are intimate records of a group of international youths who met during a exchange program. Away from their family of origin and friends during this period, new relationships and connections were created at various events: dinners, birthday parties, Christmas and New Year celebrations, farewells. In a short period of time, a new family is formed with members from different origins of the globe: Brazil, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Germany; breaking geographical, linguistic and cultural barriers.

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