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(In)Nature solitude 2016-2017
Matheus da Rocha Montanari

A photographic series that explores the loneliness in the relation nature x human creation. The photos were taken from November 2016 to February 2017, in Lisbon - Portugal. The colorful capital of the light and the sun is also the cradle of saudade, fado, and the typical melancholy that Portuguese-speaking countries sing, write and live; often raising their solitude to art.

InNature solitude captures the relationship of the environment, in black and white photographs, which function as an extension of the introspective and lonely man, alienated from his space. At the same time, the man sometimes appears as just another natural element of the place, in contrast to its buildings. Alone between his creation.

Exhibition: Centro de Cultura Ordovás- Caxias do Sul. Aug 2017

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