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Gnashing of teeth, banging of pans

Gnashing of teeth, banging of pans 2020
Video - performance
Matheus da Rocha Montanari

The work is a video call produced in times of social isolation. During the quarantine period, the city’s landscape changed radically. During the day, the silence in a metropolis like São Paulo (Brazil) is so astonishing that we can hear even the grinding of our anxious and uncertain teeth. During the night, a symphony of pots (people protesting against Bolsonaro’s government by making noise with pots and pans) emerges from the windows of the buildings. In a period when all the meetings become remote, the artist makes a video call with himself and the street in front of his house, confronting the images of the empty street, the sound of the protest in the windows, the sound of teeth tinkling in the pot and the interference noise that the proximity of these electronic devices causes


Work selected for the Quarantine residency, a partnership between: 

Celu Studio, UK

Istanbul Artist Residency, Turkey

Nafasi Art Space, Tanzania

Bilgili Holding, Turkey

Redbase Foundation, Indonesia

ArtBureau of Investigation, China

Youth Leader Fund, China

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