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Dissenting Windows

Dissenting Windows 2020
net art
Matheus da Rocha Montanari, Giselle Beiguelman, Bruno Seravali Moreschi, Alline Alves Nakamura, Ana Paula Leal, Helena Cavalheiro, Iago Santos, Icaro de Abreu, Laura Salerno, Livia Debbane, Luciana Moherdaui, Marcos Assis Piffer, Maria Claudia Levy, Paula Monroy, Sandra Kaffka, Vinicius Santos Almeida. 

Dissenting Windows addresses the impact of coronavirus in the urban culture from the point of view of São Paulo (SP, Brazil). It investigates sound as a social marker revealing political and ideological fluctuations in the urban territory during the quarantine.


From March to June, we collectively captured the sounds. These captures occurred in different points of the metropolitan region, Baixada Santista, Atibaia (both nearby towns), and Santiago (Chile), which provided different comparison layers. The sounds were registered three times a day and also during the “janelaços” (moments of protests made from the windows with the bangning of pots and pans) against Jair Bolsonaro's statements and attitudes facing the pandemic.


In the central neighbors, the noise from the urban infrastructure was replaced by the chirping of the birds. However, 30km from there, in the suburbs,  another soundscape was captured: Funk music and the gospel singing from the churches, sounds of public encounters. Different regions of the city revealed through sound social, political and ideological data. Indicating sound mapping as a interesting method to analyze urbanism in the Global South.

To creat the net art work, the sounds were separated by location and date, creating a three-dimensional space-oriented chronology through sound. Each region has a different color, and its territory becomes a checkered grid with a topology that reacts to the sounds in it. The colors of the different locations are not identified, inviting the visitor to explore the space and make his own aural investigation.

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