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Ame-o ou Deixe-o

Ame-o ou Deixe-o 2019
Video Installation
Matheus da Rocha Montanari

The installation "love it or leave it" (ame-o ou deixe-o, in Portuguese), named after a popular  TV slogan during the military dictatorship in Brazil is composed of an old monitor and a keyboard where most of the keys are painted black, except for the letters B, R, A, S, I, L, and by the keys "HOME" "RETURN" and "ESC".

After a controversial and complex presidential election in 2018 in which, the so-called, new media played a major role, the world is still trying to understand the complex web of Bolsonaro’s victory.  Even with almost no propaganda in the traditional media, and with total absence in debates, he still managed to be the center of attention.

This work is an inducement to make us think about the political role of technology and how it can influence not only results but also the process of anything it intermediates: how we communicate, what we are able to express, and who we can talk to. 

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